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Scenarios tagged: cars

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play Two crazy cars
plays 958 / votes 0

Two crazy cars

by Kharx, 2014/8/29

Pick up as many people as you can

play TrafficWorld2
plays 1688 / votes 0


by Green_Code, 2014/10/15

The second edition to the first car game.

play MusicGame-Nicole
plays 1210 / votes 0


by niikewl, 2015/1/13

A game to help students practice music cadence recognition

play Car Racing
plays 1371 / votes 0

Car Racing

by Jaku, 2015/5/3

Complete the track in the least amount of time possible!

play Portuguese Driver
plays 986 / votes 0

Portuguese Driver

by guijteixeira, 2016/3/11

Feel what it´s like to be a portuguese Driver in a hurry!

play Cop Car Chase
plays 697 / votes 0

Cop Car Chase

by coolcat1, 2017/11/27

Don't get caught by the cops and collect gas

play Cop Car Chase 2
plays 839 / votes 0

Cop Car Chase 2

by coolcat1, 2017/12/1

As the robber, you are running from the cops, don't get caught or you will crash.

play Extreme Road Safety
plays 998 / votes 0

Extreme Road Safety

by nicolasc1, 2017/12/3

Version 1.1

play Police Vs. Robber- The Ultimate Battle
plays 798 / votes 0

Police Vs. Robber- The Ultimate Battle

by coolcat1, 2017/12/14

Don't get caught by the cops, collect gas, escape and win