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Scenarios tagged: cannon

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play Battle Tortoise
plays 3792 / votes 1

Battle Tortoise

by KrispyKarim, 2010/9/24

Use a cannon powered tortoise to take out some crabs!

play Orange Insect Shooter
plays 2548 / votes 0

Orange Insect Shooter

by tmnguyen84, 2011/8/8

Shoot flies and ants with the orange cannon

play Two Vehicle Template
plays 2679 / votes 2

Two Vehicle Template

by askgriff, 2013/12/9

A template for racing or battle for two players.

play sharks and turtles
plays 1144 / votes 0

sharks and turtles

by throughthewire, 2016/4/19

help the shark get the turtles

play ButterflyShootingGame
plays 1634 / votes 0


by nperoni, 2016/4/20

play Shooting Butterflies
plays 1397 / votes 0

Shooting Butterflies

by clm16, 2016/4/20

Shoot butterflies with the cannon

play Cannon Game version 4.20
plays 1087 / votes 1

Cannon Game version 4.20

by codingwizard, 2018/5/16

Protect America Against The Enemy Planes

play Ketchup Cannon
plays 3986 / votes 0

Ketchup Cannon

by amjad, 2013/11/29

A canon shooting ketchup blobs game. It uses Maps as background differentiating between land and water.

play Pumpkin shooter
plays 784 / votes 0

Pumpkin shooter

by Nanocat13, 2018/6/17

Try and shoot the flying pumpkins