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Scenarios tagged: bourne

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play Magic Numbers
plays 2025 / votes 0

Magic Numbers

by bourne, 2013/5/5

How well do you know binary?

play Primes
plays 2107 / votes 0


by bourne, 2013/9/26

A prime util

play Catenary vs. Parabola
plays 2376 / votes 0

Catenary vs. Parabola

by bourne, 2013/7/3

For a report illustration

play Word Count
plays 2329 / votes 0

Word Count

by bourne, 2013/5/5

Writing Util. Example of StringTokenizer and hashmaps

play My Cycling Log
plays 2303 / votes 0

My Cycling Log

by bourne, 2013/9/26

Application to log miles cycled/ran/etc. by paramaterized routes

play PacMan
plays 6774 / votes 0


by bourne, 2013/5/5

A text-based pacman first programed in a listbox in Visual Basic (using MS Visual Studios)

play Simon
plays 2052 / votes 0


by bourne, 2013/5/5

Simon says...

play Maze
plays 2363 / votes 0


by bourne, 2013/5/5

Find the castle

play MineSweeper
plays 2449 / votes 0


by bourne, 2013/5/5

Clear the mine field