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Scenarios tagged: biology

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play Ants
plays 15638 / votes 13


by mik, 2009/10/30

A simulation of ants looking for food

play Anteater
plays 2722 / votes 0


by Evmorov, 2011/8/19

Mmmm.. ants..

play Ants - Improved
plays 2013 / votes 1

Ants - Improved

by Kytuzian, 2014/11/15

An improved version of the Ants scenario from the Greenfoot book.

play Balloon Shooter
plays 416 / votes 0

Balloon Shooter

by bluebear, 2018/8/4

play Ants Evolution
plays 1148 / votes 0

Ants Evolution

by brcruchairman, 2013/12/9

Guide your ants to victory and glory!

play Natural Selection
plays 5407 / votes 5

Natural Selection

by TopRamen, 2009/3/13

A demonstration of natural selection in camoflage

play Ants
plays 2528 / votes 0


by andrewcudnik, 2010/12/6

A simulation of ants looking for food

play CrabGame: Revenge of the Crabs
plays 2389 / votes 1

CrabGame: Revenge of the Crabs

by m.legere1323, 2011/3/18

Can you survive the raid?

play Ants with GoogleMaps
plays 2269 / votes 0

Ants with GoogleMaps

by amjad, 2013/11/20

Simulation of ants behaviour searching for food. It uses GoogleMaps for the background.