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Scenarios tagged: avoid

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play Spawnlings
plays 7370 / votes 8


by ImFerocious, 2010/10/6

Collect as many Treats as you can...

play Bug Survivor
plays 6247 / votes 4

Bug Survivor

by BokTheGolem, 2009/7/13

Help the bug avoid being washed away!

play Braakschooncollege
plays 5259 / votes 3


by harrienak, 2010/1/21


play Blockfall
plays 3101 / votes 1


by JohannEisenfunker, 2013/12/19

Just a simple dodge the falling blocks game!

play Kaleidoghosts
plays 2591 / votes 1


by sharkdad, 2017/5/24

Clone yourself to destroy your enemies. You control them too!

play In the Sea
plays 2649 / votes 0

In the Sea

by seale95, 2013/6/13

Survive as a seal, looking for dinner

play Little Crab 4
plays 2996 / votes 0

Little Crab 4

by RickAstley44, 2015/10/20

Game about crabs

play MLGCRAB (Little Crab 3)
plays 1782 / votes 0

MLGCRAB (Little Crab 3)

by RickAstley44, 2015/10/20

crab game

play Hungry Fish
plays 2172 / votes 0

Hungry Fish

by Steelers84, 2017/11/27

Eat as much fish food as possible, avoid the sharks.