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Scenarios tagged: animation

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play simple walking pacman
plays 3227 / votes 1

simple walking pacman

by indrawaspada, 2011/12/26

From GreenfootImage to java.awt.Graphics

play Ikan
plays 4098 / votes 5


by uboiz, 2011/11/13

animated behavior of fish

play TMNT clone
plays 3726 / votes 1

TMNT clone

by craigC, 2011/11/10

A Ninja Turtle fights Foot Soldiers

play Armature
plays 8424 / votes 12


by Builderboy2005, 2009/11/4

Fluid character movement

play Animated GIF Creator
plays 5800 / votes 1

Animated GIF Creator

by PiRocks, 2010/9/26

Create an animated gif.

play AquariumTrip
plays 5494 / votes 1


by polle, 2009/7/14

A tunnel like animation.

play Metroid NES
plays 5743 / votes 2

Metroid NES

by linish22, 2009/4/26


play Blade Thrower
plays 3692 / votes 0

Blade Thrower

by linish22, 2009/4/26

Simple animation

play VectorPlatform
plays 3313 / votes 0


by qnanqing, 2008/12/21

A platform game.. but i use Vector class :D