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Scenarios tagged: animal

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play CrabGame 2.1: Crablord's Demise
plays 3501 / votes 4

CrabGame 2.1: Crablord's Demise

by m.legere1323, 2011/5/26

Can you survive the raid?

play CrabGame: Crab Lord's Demise
plays 2826 / votes 2

CrabGame: Crab Lord's Demise

by m.legere1323, 2011/5/10

Can you survive the raid?

play CrabGame 2.0: Crablord's Demise
plays 2869 / votes 1

CrabGame 2.0: Crablord's Demise

by m.legere1323, 2011/5/12

Can you survive the raid?

play Aquarium
plays 3895 / votes 1


by Dantuna, 2012/1/7

Eat small fish to get bigger!

play CrabGame: Revenge of the Crabs
plays 3106 / votes 1

CrabGame: Revenge of the Crabs

by m.legere1323, 2011/3/18

Can you survive the raid?

play PolarRush
plays 7922 / votes 1


by bonana, 2013/1/15

eat fish, avoid the shark

play Animal Farm
plays 2676 / votes 1

Animal Farm

by Kartoffelbrot, 2013/11/20

Simple animal AI try

play friendlyCat
plays 6042 / votes 0


by cheesebill88, 2012/10/20

The cat is trying to eat pizza, addictive.

play Candy Catch
plays 410 / votes 0

Candy Catch

by mai22040, 2022/5/8

Catch candy.