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Scenarios tagged: ai

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play DoT_NF
plays 14007 / votes 29


by Roshan123, 2020/8/20


play Chess Dos
plays 4434 / votes 6

Chess Dos

by bourne, 2014/2/12

Play chess with other Greenfoot users, or against the AI (with difficulty setting), or yourself.

play Realm of Battle
plays 12528 / votes 29

Realm of Battle

by Zerg, 2008/11/4

Real Time Strategy Game

play 2D Top-down shooter
plays 5114 / votes 4

2D Top-down shooter

by Excelsior, 2014/3/26

Shoot at robots for free!

play Adaptive Artificial Intelligence - Tic Tac Toe
plays 4017 / votes 1

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence - Tic Tac Toe

by Gevater_Tod4711, 2013/10/5

A learning Tic Tac Toe game

play Checkers
plays 9312 / votes 5


by PiRocks, 2009/5/16

A game of checkers.

play TankBattle
plays 6553 / votes 4


by qnanqing, 2008/11/14

Tank Battle

play Greeps
plays 5459 / votes 4


by Jamit4me, 2011/5/14

An entry into the Greeps competition.

play Mancala
plays 4546 / votes 0


by tkiesel, 2013/3/28

Mancala vs. Computer. "Kalah" rules set.