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Scenarios tagged: adventure

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play Jungle Warrior II
plays 1277 / votes 0

Jungle Warrior II

by VasikleLupas, 2022/3/24

Enter the jungle, fight the monsters, the goblins, the animals, discover the hidden treasure, and save yourself!

play Dismal
plays 2243 / votes 9


by user478anf93, 2022/1/16

Try to find your way in the dark maze

play School TO home multiplayer
plays 652 / votes 0

School TO home multiplayer

by Keshav, 2021/11/11

play The Amazing Adventure of Gipson
plays 1198 / votes 1

The Amazing Adventure of Gipson

by ItzLukeStorm, 2021/9/15

3 Level Adventure

play isGuy
plays 5184 / votes 8


by Draymothisk, 2013/3/20

One adventure to rule them all.

play Atlas the wizard
plays 1764 / votes 1

Atlas the wizard

by Jumagoro, 2019/1/18

Help the wizard to find his ingredients

play Sand $s
plays 1416 / votes 0

Sand $s

by jvalvo, 2018/12/12

A text adventure with choice. What will you choose?

play Penguin Climber
plays 1571 / votes 0

Penguin Climber

by OOPtask_User78, 2018/4/27

OOP Greenfoot Task

play Elora All The Lies
plays 1907 / votes 2

Elora All The Lies

by SallySanban, 2018/4/5

Will the truth finally be revealed?