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Scenarios tagged: 3d

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play 3D Work-in-progress
plays 2802 / votes 2

3D Work-in-progress

by RedPhoneBooth, 2012/12/29

Trying to make a 3d cube with a texture rotate

play Textured Cube
plays 8155 / votes 23

Textured Cube

by MatheMagician, 2012/9/15

A 3D textured cube.

play Fun
plays 3509 / votes 5


by -nic-, 2012/10/11

Still in alpha

play 3D Starfield
plays 7461 / votes 9

3D Starfield

by sp33dy, 2012/1/24

A simple 3d starfield

play 3D Illusions
plays 2033 / votes 0

3D Illusions

by Reshurum, 2012/9/22

2D objects that appear 3D

play 3d Wireframe gallery
plays 3403 / votes 3

3d Wireframe gallery

by MatheMagician, 2012/8/1

A gallery of 3d wireframe shapes.

play 3d Cube
plays 2916 / votes 2

3d Cube

by MatheMagician, 2012/7/30

A 3d cube that works.

play Test
plays 2594 / votes 0


by Advenging, 2011/8/23

play 3d Haus
plays 4472 / votes 5

3d Haus

by Advenging, 2011/8/19