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Scenarios tagged: 2d

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play BattleBasicAI
plays 6309 / votes 6


by Yoinkinator, 2010/2/1

First attempt at AI

play Langton Loops
plays 8659 / votes 1

Langton Loops

by RevDrBrown, 2010/4/14

Demonstrates the Langton Loop - a self-reproducing cellular automata.

play Super Mario Galaxy 2D
plays 8871 / votes 1

Super Mario Galaxy 2D

by AirboundPizzapuss, 2010/4/27

Collect many coins and get to the Star!

play Gorgon Slayer
plays 6001 / votes 4

Gorgon Slayer

by thedemigods, 2010/5/12

2D platform game based on the Perseus myth.

play Mushroom Adventures
plays 7617 / votes 9

Mushroom Adventures

by d3lirij, 2010/11/20

School project Game

play Adventures in 2D
plays 8287 / votes 9

Adventures in 2D

by DonaldDuck, 2011/4/25

Kill the reds

play starfox
plays 2367 / votes 0


by epeterson, 2011/5/23

play maze
plays 3389 / votes 1


by ianking, 2011/7/10

Use the arrow keys to move and N, E, S, W keys to look around. 16 rooms to traverse before you get out.

play Minecraft-2D
plays 13686 / votes 20


by Duta, 2012/5/6

Experience Minecraft in 2D