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Scenarios tagged: 2d

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play Infection: Os Langeles
plays 4733 / votes 10

Infection: Os Langeles

by CPE123Group1, 2012/12/3

Help Tyrone fight through the zombie infection and save his family!

play Fish Toss
plays 2806 / votes 1

Fish Toss

by adamkjelstroem, 2013/1/2

Shoot the fish as far as you can!

play Minecraft-2D
plays 13927 / votes 20


by Duta, 2012/5/6

Experience Minecraft in 2D

play Adventure
plays 3517 / votes 0


by DonaldDuck, 2012/6/28

Look familiar?

play 2D-Aimbot
plays 4470 / votes 1


by Bytelord, 2012/6/28

A 2d Aimbot in Greenfoot

play Modern Pang
plays 3845 / votes 4

Modern Pang

by darkmist255, 2012/5/21

Inspired by the old game Pang

play Pyramid
plays 3097 / votes 0


by MiniBoBomb, 2012/5/10

A 2D Egyptian-themed side-scroller adventure game

play maze
plays 3482 / votes 1


by ianking, 2011/7/10

Use the arrow keys to move and N, E, S, W keys to look around. 16 rooms to traverse before you get out.

play starfox
plays 2411 / votes 0


by epeterson, 2011/5/23