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Workshop: Greenfoot - Introducing Java With Games And Simulations
Date: 15 Apr 2011

Greenfoot is an interactive Java development environment created by the developers of BlueJ for use in introductory programming classrooms.  Greenfoot provides a graphical animated environment in which to develop programs while students only need to use basic Java syntax to control the actors in their scenarios.  Neither students nor educators need to focus on the graphical elements of the programs.  They simply focus on the behaviors of the actors and the system provides the graphics.  This hands-on workshop is intended to give educators (middle school, high school, and college) an introduction to the Greenfoot environment, a demonstration of how it can be used to introduce object-oriented programming to students, and a guided approach to developing Greenfoot experiences that can be integrated into existing curricula.The resources that are available to instructor’s using the environment will also be discussed.

Audience: This workshop is intended for those instructors (K-16) who have never worked with the Greenfoot environment before. Knowledge of Java is preferred, but knowledge of another programming language is sufficient.  The workshop is not a workshop about Java, so Java-specific syntax issues will not be explained, but Java is the language used in Greenfoot and in the hands-on exercises introduced in this workshop.
Prerequisites: Access to a computer with Java SDK and Greenfoot installed. Instructions for download available here.
Presenter: Adrienne Decker & Frances P. Trees
Location: CCSCNE 2011 Conference
Cost: $125 to attend conference (no additional fees for workshop)
Contact: or
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