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danpost's Scenarios

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play Jump and Run Demo w/Moving Platform
plays 297 / votes 1

Jump and Run Demo w/Moving Platform

by danpost, 3 days ago

A jump and run platform demo with a moving platform.

play PIP Actor Class
plays 575 / votes 7

PIP Actor Class

by danpost, 2013/5/22

A Picture-in-Picture 'world' actor.

play UserInfo Jumbo Maze Demo
plays 402 / votes 2

UserInfo Jumbo Maze Demo

by danpost, 2014/4/2

Demo using UserInfo storage to save an extremely large maze (using random number generator seed value).

play Traffic Control
plays 857 / votes 3

Traffic Control

by danpost, 2014/3/20

Cars avoiding collisions.

play Rail Game
plays 605 / votes 5

Rail Game

by danpost, 2013/12/2

A game where you control the height of both ends of a rail to guide a ball to the target hole.

play 12-pce Rectangular Puzzle
plays 584 / votes 4

12-pce Rectangular Puzzle

by danpost, 2014/3/7

Try to completely fill the rectangle with the 12 pieces. Muliple solutions exist.

play Not For Epileptics
plays 187 / votes 1

Not For Epileptics

by danpost, 2014/3/5

Run, if you are epileptic; but, do not run this. ExpandingText support class included.

play Image Transparency Adder/Trimmer
plays 1031 / votes 4

Image Transparency Adder/Trimmer

by danpost, 2013/1/29

Change specified colors to transparent and removes excess transparent edges.

play Snake Trapper
plays 258 / votes 1

Snake Trapper

by danpost, 2014/3/2

Try to contain all snakes to one cell each.

play Overview: Subclassing in Greenfoot
plays 164 / votes 1

Overview: Subclassing in Greenfoot

by danpost, 2014/2/25

An overview of what your subclasses of World and Actor may contain.