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play MilliSecond Timer
plays 4017 / votes 3

MilliSecond Timer

by danpost, 2012/1/11

Sample millisecond timer with source plus comments

play Block Swapper
plays 1737 / votes 3

Block Swapper

by danpost, 2012/4/4

Tile swapping puzzles in various difficulty levels.

play 3D Motion Demo
plays 3789 / votes 18

3D Motion Demo

by danpost, 2012/4/16

Sample code to emulate 3D motion.

play Color Coordination
plays 1240 / votes 1

Color Coordination

by danpost, 2012/4/23

Find the exact color or colors you want.

play Kaleidoscope
plays 1167 / votes 1


by danpost, 2012/4/13

Fun fractal image design patterns

play 12131276_Project_AS
plays 101 / votes 0


by parisaktiana, 2015/6/16

play Snake Demo 2
plays 2014 / votes 5

Snake Demo 2

by danpost, 2012/5/20

Just another user-controlled snake that roams the world and grows. Movement code in actor class.

play Snake Demo
plays 1822 / votes 3

Snake Demo

by danpost, 2012/5/20

Just a user-controlled snake that roams the world, and grows. Movement code in world class.

play Teleport Demo
plays 2000 / votes 3

Teleport Demo

by danpost, 2012/5/27

Demo on teleporting objects

play 12131276_Project_3
plays 122 / votes 0


by parisaktiana, 2015/6/11

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