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play whiteley_littleCrab
plays 30 / votes 0


by GraysonW, yesterday

play Hide In A Box, And Eat Some Worms
plays 18 / votes 0

Hide In A Box, And Eat Some Worms

by NorconVict, yesterday

Eat some worms and hide in a box

play Crab vs Lobster vs Wombat
plays 21 / votes 0

Crab vs Lobster vs Wombat

by KevinL, yesterday

Use arrow keys to steer - Don't get eaten

play Sketched Up Ocean
plays 12 / votes 0

Sketched Up Ocean

by Lim2Julie, yesterday

Eat the worms!

play CrabGame
plays 15 / votes 0


by Cseng221, yesterday

Eat the worms before getting eaten.

play Get that Worm
plays 11 / votes 0

Get that Worm

by pjb1234, yesterday

Eat the worm fast.

play Gregor Crabs
plays 6 / votes 0

Gregor Crabs

by Deskarano, yesterday

Eat the worms

play Crab vs. Lobster
plays 25 / votes 0

Crab vs. Lobster

by JohnMcC, yesterday

Crab tries to eat worms and avoid lobster

play Knight Quest
plays 11 / votes 0

Knight Quest

by ebowen88, yesterday

Fight for Glory!

play Little Crab
plays 9 / votes 0

Little Crab

by julielashley, yesterday

Lobsters, Crabs, Worms, and Rocks

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