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Entity1037 presents ...


Megaman EX (Alpha 3)

Version: VIII.6
This alpha build is incomplete.

||Things Yet to be Implemented||
o Wall Jumping
o Enemies
o Proper Boss Door Functionality
X Proper way to set up custom levels as part of the main campaign
o Stage Select (intro level will have replay-ability, although it won't serve any purpose.....?)
o Completion of Alpha Level (Intro Stage)
o Proper level graphics (not just placeholders)
o Music
o Sounds
o Fix collision issues

||Default Controls||
Movement: asdw
Jump: up arrow
shoot: left arrow
dash: right arrow
pause: spacebar

Debug Mode: m
Increase Health: o
Decrease Health: p
Delete All Saved Data (title screen only): d

!!!The delete saved data cheat is needed in case there is still Level Data being stored in your UserInfo!!!


-Downloading the scenario and playing it on the Greenfoot Editor will enable you use the level editor

-If you find any glitches, please tell me.

-Building this game is a learning experience for me, just so we're clear. I don't know any complex java skills yet.

-Suggestions are welcomed, and any used ideas will result in the person who suggested the used idea to have their name put into the credits.

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Tags: game simulation physics with-source fangame megaman x alpha megman

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Are you still working on this?


I just now found your comment. I'm working on a physics engine in Eclipse right now for my Independent Study Technical Applications class, so no.


Sounds like an aggressive project. How much code have you written so far?


So far I have a working game window, tile mapper, and the begginning of the Actor stuff, along with a moving test enemy (it just moves in a line, but it's a start!). At the moment I'm seting up all of the classes for in game objects, and other things. I'm kind of trying to make a similar set up to Greenfoot's actor and world classes.


I do have a lot of tutorials I've being going off of as help, as well as the LWJGL and Slick.


Oh wait, I also have tile map editing in game with the mouse.


Lol wow. I have improved a good amount sense I last worked on this. And if anyone is curious: the physics engine in Eclipse that I've been making works seemingly flawlessly from what I can tell. I'm just now getting to creating menus to, and so far the menu isn't functional yet as I have no idea how to paint a texture into another texture with lwjgl+slick.


Seems pretty good, though I found this on the test stage, I can jump and sort of cling to the wall, You can only leave the wall by walking in the opposite direction. Is that a bug or a feature?


lordhershey that is a glitch with the wall sliding/jumping that I can't figure out. I have no idea why it happens or why the sprite goes nuts. :/ Wall sliding works perfectly fine if you fall without jumping and push against a wall. IDK


It is not too bad of a glitch, could be used to the players advantage at times I think. Need to put some bad guys in there.

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