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snake moves left and right with arrows. Strikes with space bar to eat a mouse.
Must strike with space bar to eat the mouse. contact is not good enough.
Get 25 points to win. All other charaters are working against you.

Snake eats mice - 5 points. Get to 25 points and you win
Kangaroos move randomly. They jump away when they hit a mouse. Mouse is relocated.
They take -10 points from snake if they touch
Mice move randomly. Each time one is eaten by snake, +5 points. then a new one
is created somewhere else in the world.
Berries are eaten by mice, score -1 for each Berries eaten. Berries are eaten
respawned in a new location.
BigBerry - if Kanagroo touches it, Kanagroo is respawned someplace else in the world.
iIf snake touches it, -2 points.

HINT - to win....
so many things are making you lose points. Hold the space bar down to accelerate the
snake and eat the mice... then you will get to 25 point and win!

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Tags: cabrillo-guild

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