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A 2 player snooker game made from adapting mik's marbles scenario. Probably still a couple of bugs that need sorting out, but overall it should work!

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Tags: mouse game 2-player

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I am so glad someone uploaded something like this and i love Snooker. What i think you could incorporate next is an actuall pool cue and have an "aiming retical" (i.e. a line from the que ball that shows what balls its going to hit and maybe where they could go) because it would be easier to be more accurate. when i am playing i find it sort of diffacult to get the shot i want because i cant aim very well. But other than that i really like this game.
Really great scenario!!! I wish i could "Like" it more than once. :D i noe u already commented on mine but could u give me some tips on my game? Thanks :D


Agree with t3hwookie90 that some kind of image for the snooker cue could be a huge help! Also might be worth adding a few instructions at the beginning, took me a few goes to realise how to play. (Now to go find an opponent worse than me)


is there a way to get the source please?


Saidel - I've just sent you an email with the source. I would upload it here but it's done on an old version of Greenfoot so not sure it would still work correctly. Feel free to have a play around though!


Hey can you sent me the scenariocode please because the game is very nice and I would like to see how to programm it.

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