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Support Classes

The following are generally useful classes that might be used in more than one scenario. They were ussually developed in the context of a specific scenario, but should be useful in other contexts, possibly with a little modification. By publishing the classes here, implicit permission is granted for you to use these classes in your projects, modify and distribute them. You should not, however, remove the original author name. If you modify a class, add your own name as an additional author (with explanation of the modifications made, if you want), but acknowledge original authors.

We have plans for updating these support classes in the near future, but for now we are making them available here.

Class Decription Sample uses
AnimatedActor A class that allows an actor to have an animated image. Animation
Counter A counter that displays a number value with a text prefix. Can be used for points scores, or similar.


Explosion An explosion. This is an actor class. Also requires explosion.png (put into images) and Explosion.wav (put into sounds). Lunar-lander
FPS Displays the approximate frames per second of a scenario. Useful for measuring performance changes.

3D Space Shooter

GifActor A class that allows an actor to have an animated image from a GIF file. Demo
MidiPlayer Plays MIDI files and generates notes through MIDI. Demo
MIDI Piano

A class that adds relative 'move' and 'turn' methods to actors. It is a subclass of Actor (to be used as superclasses for your own actors).

Plotter A class that implements a graph that plots the population of two actor classes. foxes-and-rabbits
Rotator A class that easily lets you rotate around a given point in the world. Demo Analogue Clock
Slider A graphical slider that can be used to select a range of values.